2021 Webinar Series

Flexibility and Reliability Considerations

Date:  July 27, 2021

Time:  10:00 AM – 11:30 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)



Presentation #1 – “Air Preheater Advanced X-Ratio Management for Operational Flexibility and Savings, AdvX®-FLX” by Steven Kosler (Ljungstrom) 

United States coal utilities are running at lower loads and capacity factors more often.  Many air pollution control systems, including dry scrubbers, were not designed with low capacity factors in mind.  This can present operational challenges and constraints due to current generation profiles.  Spray Dryer Absorber (SDA) / Circulating Dry Scrubber (CDS) operational constraints include:

  1. SO2 removal
  2. Wastewater (process water) evaporation capacity
  3. Coal moisture / mill temperature
  4. Minimum operating temperatures such as:
    1. Average cold-end temperatures (ACET)
    2. Acid dew point
    3. SDA / CDS minimum load / temperature

LJUNGSTROM’s AdvX®-FLX is a low-cost solution which can mitigate or eliminate these issues with little to no heat rate impact. The presentation will cover principles of AdvX®, recent case studies and projects.

Presentation #2 – “Virtual Reliability Manager – How to Embrace Remote Monitoring for Air Pollution Control (APC) Equipment” by Joe Haney (Industrial Accessories Company)

Remote monitoring platforms automatically and securely deliver critical real-time data to industrial plant personnel around the globe with cloud connected controls and sensors. This presentation reviews IoT advanced data analytics and Artificial Intelligence use in air pollution control (APC) industries to maximize efficiency, decrease energy consumption and operating costs, assure EHS compliance, and provide virtual health checks.


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Link to access all DSUA webinars: Virtual Conference – Dry Scrubber Users Association

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2021 In Person Conference: DSUA Participating in the EnviroSummit (September 14-17, 2021 in Charlotte, NC)

DSUA is excited to announce that we will be participating at the 2021 Global EnviroSummit in person conference. Here is what you need to know:

What is the EnviroSummit?

The EnviroSummit is a 3-day global conference with international presentations in the morning on the main stage, and breakout sessions for Remediation, Vapor Intrusion, Air Quality and Waste Water in the afternoon. The mission is to accelerate trends and advance technologies in our industry. If you’d like to learn more please visit their website http://www.envirosummit.com/.

How is DSUA involved with EnviroSummit?

DSUA is promoting and endorsing this 2021 event as a means for those interested in Air Quality (specifically around dry scrubbing applications) can congregate in person to learn and network. In addition, DSUA will be specifically allotted slots during the break-out sessions to present content. Anyone interested in learning more about the use of Spray Dryer Absorbers, Circulating Dry Scrubbers and Dry Sorbent Injection (as well as use of the ancillary particulate control device) to control acid gas emissions should attend the DSUA break-out sessions at EnviroSummit.

When and where is the 2021 EnviroSummit?

The event will be held from September 14-17, 2021 in Charlotte, NC at the Sheraton Charlotte Hotel.

How do I register?

You can register at the following link: Get Tickets. As a participant from DSUA you can use the discount code of “DSUA25” to receive 25% off your registration fee.

How do I present during the DSUA break-out session at the EnviroSummit?

Abstracts can be submitted at the following link: EnviroSummit.

If you have any questions or need further information please feel free to reach out to me or through the DSUA website at Contact Us

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