Call For Papers

If you are interested in presenting at the conference, please submit your name, company and outline of your proposed material.

All submissions should contain a Title and Abstract. This needs to clearly and comprehensively state the problem, your approach and solution, and the main contributions of your paper.

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Relevant topics for a conference presentation include, but are not limited to:

  • Plant Overview & Scrubber Project Reports
  • Reagent Preparation & Handling
  • Erosion & Corrosion
  • Retrofits & Upgrades
  • New & Emerging Technologies
  • Scrubber Performance Optimization
  • Operational & Maintenance Practices
  • FGD Safety
  • Case Studies & Lessons Learned
  • Cost-savings Initiatives

As a general guideline for development of technical papers please consider the following.

  • The DSUA mission is to facilitate an exchange of knowledge, new ideas, successes and failures on operation and maintenance of dry scrubbers, and associated equipment and systems in the power generation and industrial applications.
  • Presentations should promote unbiased participation between owners, operators, and suppliers.
    Detailed technical information is helpful but it should not dominate the presentation. Common applications, examples, and representative photos or diagrams have proven to be good catalyst for participation and discussion.
  • Presentations for TopicĀ  should be designed, in content and length, to stimulate dialog between participants.
  • Participants continue to express primary interest in the topics listed above; however technical papers need not be limited to these alone. All submitted topics will be equally considered.
  • While OEM and vendor involvement is an important aspect of DSUA, content should not be used as promotional opportunities.