Frequently Asked Questions

How do I or my company become a member?

You can join the Dry Scrubber Users Association by registering and attending a conference or by contacting DSUA for membership information.

How do I register for the conference or webinars?

The 2020 Conference was cancelled due to COVID-19.  The Board has not finalized our decision on a 2021 conference.

We currently holding 60-90 minute webinars on key topics for dry scrubber users and plan to continue these through 2021.

If I sign up for a webinar or conference, do I receive a membership to the DSUA?

The conference fee includes a one year membership with members only access to the website and the presentations from that conference.

Attending a webinar does not grant you full membership in the association.  For membership information please refer to our Shopify site ( to sign up for a one year membership.

Is the Association only about Dry Scrubbers?

The DSUA focuses on acid gas dry scrubbing methods such as spray dry absorbers (SDA) and circulating dry scrubbers (CDS).   In 2020 we will include discussions of dry sorbent injection as appropriate.  Conference and Webinar topics cover a variety of areas important to attendees

  • Plant reports
  • Performance improvement demonstrations
  • Key equipment optimization
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Reagent selection and optimization

Why should I attend this conference?

The conference provides opportunity for sharing technical information about dry scrubbers.  Attendees use experiences of other plants to help solve similar issues they are facing.

The conference has general sessions for formal presentations plus break out sessions where issues are discussed in smaller, more focused groups.  We also have plenty of opportunities for one on one discussions during meals, breaks, and vendor exhibit sessions.

How can my company be a sponsor at the conference?

Contact the DSUA though this website.  You may also contact one of our board members directly and they will walk you through options for sponsoring the DSUA.

For the 2021 Webinars, we have sponsorship options at varying levels.